The War on Christmas

By Edmund Connelly | The Occidental Observer A dozen years ago I wrote two essays showing that the War on Christmas in recent times has in fact been conducted by Jews out of their historic hatred of Christ, Christians, and… Read More ›

The Secret of The Shining

Jay Myers Documentaries The Shining is a horror classic but did filmmaker Stanley Kubrick hide a secret code within the movie? It is widely believed that Kubrick was privy to inside information secrets he hid in his works such as… Read More ›

5 Most Cursed Movies of All Time

The Paranormal Scholar The films we watch are largely fictional, having been created for our entertainment. Some movies, however, are rumoured to have transcended their sets. Influenced by mysterious invisible forces, cursed films are said to afflict their creators –… Read More ›

Pedogate 2020

Want to know why Tyler from Secureteam may be having issues? He wasn’t just exposing UFO coverups. He got a little too “mouthy” about a certain other topic. This is not a game folks. People pay the price for trying… Read More ›

Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker

Trevor Lynch | The Unz Review In memory of Raven. Even I didn’t expect Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to be this bad. It is simply a terrible movie: derivative, incoherent, arbitrary, superficial, and deeply boring and uninvolving—despite, or… Read More ›

5 Most Haunted Hollywood Film Sets

Top5s Making a movie must be an enjoyable but stressful process, especially if the subject is particularly dark or traumatic. This can be intensified if strange things happen on set; things that can’t be logically explained as just coincidences. So… Read More ›