Army Spied on Lockdown Critics

By Glen Owen | Daily Mail Online Military operatives were part of an operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response READ MORE: Critics slam £14.9bn of ‘extraordinary waste’ on overpriced, faulty or unused pandemic-era… Read More ›

Plan A or Plan B?

By Richard Kelly | Substack Everyone these days seems pretty sure they’re right, no matter which side of any given debate they are on. There doesn’t seem to be anyone publicly saying “I’m not sure,” or “I don’t know.” Certainty… Read More ›

How Lockdowns Made Us Sicker 

By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute Early during lockdowns in 2020, when the whole of the media marched in lockstep with the most appalling reach of public policy in our lifetimes, two doctors from Bakersfield, California went out on… Read More ›

Betray Back Better

By Richard Kelly | Substack Early on in March 2020 I was leery of the hysteria surrounding Covid and decided my course of action was to be wait and see. At the time I was under the impression that I… Read More ›

The Inflation Hoax

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | Global Research Yes, prices are rising, but not for the reasons the Federal Reserve says. When I say inflation is a hoax, I mean the purported cause is a hoax. The Fed is fighting… Read More ›


Fuck Dr. Emily Oster. Let’s just forgive the psychos that rolled out the plandemic and lockdowns that destroyed lives, just forget about the whole thing and hold hands. Forget about the bioweapon I mean “vaccine” that was rolled out that… Read More ›