Bowne Report According to recent data regarding the Covid Vaccine rollout roughly 20 million people were killed and roughly 2 billion were injured. And barely anything has been done to those responsible that became billionaires overnight profiting from the cold… Read More ›

Canadian Doctors Testify

Childrens Health Defense In the wake of tyrannical pandemic measures and other threats to public health, medical health professionals have a choice to make. Will they continue to fall for the false ‘safe and effective’ narratives? Or will they acknowledge… Read More ›

Unmasking the Truth

I’ve been posting videos and articles exposing the truth about masks not preventing “covid” transmission since 2020…~TS By Michelle Ames | Global Research Many victims of traumatic events including domestic violence, not only cannot wear a face covering, but also… Read More ›

The Reopening Racket

By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute At this time, three years ago, the nation was in shock and shambles, with businesses and churches closed, Main Street boarded up, people huddling in terror in their homes, and everyone dealing with… Read More ›