How the Covid Scam Is Perpetrated

By Paul Craig Roberts | IPE I have provided numerous documented detailed accounts demonstrating the lack of evidence supporting the official Covid narrative.  The next time you hear Big Pharma’s propagandists say “believe the science,” ask them what science. When… Read More ›

US Govt Organ Harvesting Exposed

The David Knight Show FOIA request reveals more grisly “science” with Planned Parenthood harvesting baby organs for FDA & NIH. It involves those at the highest level of govt

Did COVID-19 Leak From a Lab?

By Jorge Casesmeiro Roger | Independent Science News On May 26 U.S. President Biden gave U.S. Intelligence agencies 90 days to report findings about the possible Wuhan lab origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. One component of this investigation, having subpoena… Read More ›