Elemental Spirits | Documentary

The Paranormal Scholar When thinking about a haunting, it is typical to either see a rational explanation or the presence of a ghost or human spirit. Yet, there are other explanations which are far more ancient. It is thought by… Read More ›

Occult Symbolism – Baphomet

Duality…~TS By This enigmatic figure, known as Baphomet, was first described during the trials of the Templars, a medieval order of Crusader Monks accused of Heresy, witchcraft, and other crimes. The Order, founded in 1118 by nobleman Hughes de… Read More ›

The Story of Halloween

It’s a history channel deal so it’s silly at times but it covers a decent amount of material. I wanted to keep it light and not dip into the dark occult aspects of it. I posted some articles about Halloween… Read More ›