population control

The Kill Grid Is All Around You

Bowne Report This is the entry point into the horrifying dam that is about to burst on humanity. A kill grid has been constructed to silently reduce the population. A quiet war against humanity waged by a sociopathic corrupt technocratic… Read More ›

The Old Dogs Needs Some New Tricks

By Eamon McKinney | Strategic Culture While the world slides towards a chaotic future the MSM remains wilfully oblivious to the suffering it has enabled. The Globalists’ agenda has progressed steadily over the years, it’s evil intent has brought us… Read More ›

DNA The Perfect Weapon

The Bowne Report Colorado U.S Representative Jason Crow recently warned at the Aspen Security Forum just what Infowars has been warning for well over a decade since Google’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki founded the company 23 and me. It’s a… Read More ›