social conditioning

The Madness of Groupthink

“Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” ~ Fredrich Nietzsche By Robert Malone | The Brownstone Institute We all seek to understand the root causes of the COVIDcrisis. We crave an answer, and hope is that… Read More ›

The Generation of Children Raised by Fear

By Molly Kingsley, Liz Cole | Brownstone Institute Fear has defined the last two years. Humans are hardwired to fear infectious diseases, but with such uncharacteristic effectiveness did government turbocharge fear to ensure compliance with restrictions and silence opponents, that… Read More ›

Mass Media: A History

The Corbett Report Join James Corbett for today’s special edition of The Corbett Report podcast where he walks you through Mass Media: A History, a 3-lesson, 6+ hour online course examining the history of media, exploring media’s impact on society,… Read More ›

A Prayer To The “god Of Pronouns”

The David Knight Show NOT satire as mainline protestant church prayer reinterprets everything, including God, in terms of the LGBT religion. And, the “Drag the Kids to Pride” debauchery in Dallas where the pedophiles are confronted.