social conditioning

The Hedge Fund Terrorists

Bowne Report Whether it is the gold that disappeared on 9/11. Or the “hijacked plane” that looked a hell of a lot like a missile according to surveillance video that coincidentally took out the records and the team analyzing the… Read More ›

The Great American Psyop

Bowne Report The psyop behind the projection pushing America into fragmentation is deliberate and financially backed by billionaires and managed by our own intelligence agencies. The media fuels the projection. The Democrats practically legislate the projection. While a spoiled American… Read More ›

CIA Goes Queer For Pride Month

Of course it goes gay for pride month, the CIA is one of the agencies running the LGBTQ psyop. GayIA…~TS The Jimmy Dore Show Good news! The murderous international coup-staging organization we all know and detest as the Central Intelligence… Read More ›

The Active Downgrade Of America

Bowne Report The mega corporation Blackrock has instituted a points system known as the Corporate Equality Index. This system undermines the Republic and capitalism by introducing a woke ideology into western civilization. Marxism is now infecting western civilization from the… Read More ›