staged event

The Maui Cover-Up

Bowne Report Shortly after the one month Anniversary of the heart wrenching disaster in Lahaina, Maui. The local’s faced a den of thieves. Stakeholders disguised as city council members, real estate leeches, clueless celebrities and an army of federal, state,… Read More ›

Climate Protest Seems Very Fake

That’s because it is fake. A lot of the weird weather we get is caused by weather modification…~TS The Jimmy Dore Show A video of a climate change activist Elise Joshi confronting White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been… Read More ›

Uvalde School Shooting HOAX?

You have to be careful with stuff like this because there will be a real shooting or event and the establishment will have their plants in the alt-media claim it’s fake with the intent to de-platform people who jump on… Read More ›

Charlottesville Confirmed Agitprop Staged Event The Charlottesville event was a planned act of “agi-prop”, or Agitation Propaganda, designed to stir up the populous and turn us against each other so the deep state can enter and take us all down.