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Why Were So Many UFOs Spotted During WWII?

DestinationDeclassified In this video we will seek to identify and describe some of the most baffling and authentic sightings of unidentified flying objects which appeared during World War Two. Were the sightings legitimate or just figments of people’s imagination? Were… Read More ›

Pentagon Confirms UFOs are Real

Yes some are real and not of this Earth but everybody has been programmed for the last 70 years to think they’re all fake or flying Nazi garbage cans, so nobody cares. Mission accomplished. And fuck the fake alien invasion… Read More ›

Turkey UFO Incident

Probably some of the best footage of an actual UFO ever caught on video. It was taken over the course of 2007 – 2009 by Yalcin Yalman in Kumburgaz, Turkey and witnessed by many people. I posted something about this… Read More ›

5 Men in Black Encounters

The Paranormal Scholar Men in Black are reported everywhere across the world. In fact these men may not even be human, their enigma is just that great. Whether government agents, ultradimensional entities or aliens, it is claimed they exist for… Read More ›

Into The Unknown (UAP Documentary)

Mouthy Buddha WHAT ARE THEY? | An Exploration Of The Unknown UFOs UAPs To The Stars Academy The Sicily Fires Canneto di Caronia Mystery UFO documentary UAP Patent Tic-Tac patent UFO footage Tic-Tac UFO

5 UFO Videos & Mysteries

Top5s Here we bring you five UFOs caught on camera. Some that are still unexplained and others that are not quite what they appear to be. What do you think about these? Alien craft from outer space, misidentified objects or… Read More ›