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Top 10 UFO Encounters

DestinationDeclassified In today’s video, we will count down the Top 10 UFO sightings, stories from ‍the past, and a few modern mysteries to make us question whether we are alone in the universe. The following records may differ as time… Read More ›

5 UFO Sightings & Encounters

Top5s 0:00 Introduction 1:10 Canada’s Most INSANE UFO Story 15:46 The Most Convincing Photographic Evidence of a UFO 29:46 What Did Locals Witness in the Skies above Medford in 1975? 44:06 What The Hell Was This UFO Over Jerusalem? 57:05… Read More ›

Why Were So Many UFOs Spotted During WWII?

DestinationDeclassified In this video we will seek to identify and describe some of the most baffling and authentic sightings of unidentified flying objects which appeared during World War Two. Were the sightings legitimate or just figments of people’s imagination? Were… Read More ›

Pentagon Confirms UFOs are Real

Yes some are real and not of this Earth but everybody has been programmed for the last 70 years to think they’re all fake or flying Nazi garbage cans, so nobody cares. Mission accomplished. And fuck the fake alien invasion… Read More ›

What Happened in The Skies Above Iran in 1976?

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